Selected essays by Liz Rideal

Platter Portraits: Found in Translation
in A Journey in Painted Clay (Unicorn Press, 2023)

Baroque Sari
in Colour and Poetry (Slade Press, 2022)

The Sickert Effect
(National Museums Liverpool, 2021)

Pictorial Duel: Xenia Hausner and the Dual Performance Portrait
(The Albertina/Hirmer Verlag, Vienna, 2021)

Essence of Memento Mori
in Basquiat by Himself  (2019)

The Echoes of Erotic Cloth in Film
in The Erotic Cloth (2018)

Warhol’s Dream: The Self Multiplied
in 500 Self Portraits (2018)

Mick Farrell LIVES
in Straw Camera (2017)

Colour and Black and White
An interview of Lucinda Douglas-Menzies by Liz Rideal (2015)

Strawpoll: Painting is fluid but is it porous?
Conference paper delivered at the Manchester School of Art conference entitled Teaching Painting (30 October 2015)

Golden Years? 1905-1950: a non-digital world
in Self Portrait (Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark, 2012)

The Curtain Master
in Journal of Cloth & Culture, Berg, Oxford & New York (2003)