Light Column


Light Column with Glass Drapes

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Permanent hanging sculpture at the Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre
Birmingham, UK

Recalling Brancusi’s Endless Column, Light Column (11 metres), functions as a visual glass conduit between the architectural levels of the theatre building. The outer wall Glass Drapes (14×8 metres) reflects and echoes the column, an independent yet connected work in translucent repetitious form.

In Light Column, the original rectangular format of the photo-booth image was used for the interconnecting glass boxes; sixteen of these were created in response to this rhythm of 4 x 4. These boxes in turn have four sides, one side is made up of sixteen parts, and eight of these are mirrors.

The strict sequencing and fixed ‘cast’ of components evokes the precision of repeated performances over time, with mirrors as ‘actors’ adding sparkle and individuality.

As patrons ascend and descend the staircase, so they revolve around the spiralling glass structure. As day changes to night, and the theatre expands and contracts with visitors, so the reflected patterns and shadows will also change, continuously activating the space.

Light Coloumn, Glass Drapes – by Liz Rideal
Modus Operandi