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Feu Follet

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The Old Crypt, St.John’s Waterloo
16 November- 9 December 2018

An exhibition of large-scale water colours on rag paper and digital photographic prints on silk, displayed in conjunction with Let’s Sway: Under the Serious Sunlight, a film of silk moving underwater. Shown in connection with Feu Follet, focusing on the ambiguous and offering momentary glimpses of fleeting subject matter. The brief trails of seemingly airborne colour appeared to arrest time in the atmospheric space. The ‘below ground’ projection mimicked the filmed underwater silk ballet. Adjacent piles of seaweed added whiffs of briny smell and these in turn grew blooms of mould.

Photographs document the ambiguity of atmosphere and space in the crypt with layered views of the large water colours seen through the digital prints. The installation was accompanied by an artist’s book of related works accompanied by a text discussing the Pontine Marshes by Florian Mussgnug.

Feu Follet photographs with active cloths ‘performing’ in the same manner as those depicted in the hanging silk prints obscure, interact and cast shadows adding a new dimension to the resultant imagery. The perception of space is manipulated, and the colours of the paintings influenced.

Let’s Sway (under the serious sunlight)
Exhibition catalogue
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