Drappeggio in Ercolano


7.5 mins, video
Projected onto the Aurelian Wall, via D.Fontana, Rome, and as part of Bites and 1-2-3-4-5-6 CRAAAAAAAK!! RIALTO, Italy

Rideal collates footage of washing hung out to dry from balconies seen from the road of the Mercato di Pugliano, Ercolano, where vendors deal exclusively in recycled clothing and furs. Her focus is on the material of fabric; the everyday draperies of sheets, curtains and table cloths, drying in the typical Neapolitan fashion of seried ranks. The relentless and time immemorial task of washing and drying is emphasized when the film was projected onto the surface of Rome’s ancient aqueduct walls. Water; symbol of the successful city and essential for the cleaning process, is celebrated through the elegiac movement of sheets and lace curtains as they appear to waft in a gentle breeze.

The film was shown in Rome at the following venues, 1-3 with the help of curator Fabio Campagna:
1. The Aurelian wall in Via D.Fontana, Rome. 21 December 2008
2. ESC ATELIER OCCUPATO, via dei Reti 15, Rome. 23 December 2008
3. Rialto, Santambrogio, Rome. 31st of January 2009
And at
The British School at Rome, Cortile. 12 December 2008
The British School at Rome, Fa├žade. 17 January 2009
Palazzo Falconieri, Giardino, Via dei Farnesi. 22 January 2009