Whatever the medium, the up-ended root species from Rideal’s London garden go beyond fixed limits to occupy the imagination. Assembled singly, in pairs, threes or foursomes, like inspired performers, they freely adopt likely poses or strike up attitudes in a joyously varied ritual dance against a variety of real and simulated backdrops. Beyond Rideal’s concern with photographic process as much as natural form, here are potent metaphors for alchemy, renewal, sex, permanence, transience and death.
Richard Pincent, The Art Newspaper, March 2003


Berry House ‘Solo x 9’. Liz Rideal’s collages of photo-booth strips are the unexpected highlights of this show. They glide effortlessly between spellbindingly beauty and conceptual clout. Instead of portraits destined for official scrutiny, there are candy-coloured veils that seemingly dance of their own accord.
Tania Guha, Time Out London, 29 July – 5 August 1998