Dancing with Borromini, Danzando con Borromini (2009-10)

This ongoing series of photographs captures the decisive moment of cloth falling through space. The baroque ‘backdrops’ are predominantly by Borromini. The focus is on chance and the abstract shapes that occur when silks ‘perform’ in relation the force of gravity.

Borromini's unique interpretation of architectural language became the perfect foil for the sublimated sexual energy of the ephemeral silks. The gauze veiled and revealed details of his buildings, suggesting a human presence by evoking fleeting figures.

The work was shown first at The British School at Rome 2008, Hybrida Contemporanea, Rome in 2010 and as part of Cities Methodologies in London 2010, and continues to be shown.

Martin Kemp FBA writes about Liz Rideal’s Dancing with Borromini, Palazzo Spada (PDF download)