Rideal’s photo-booth work between 1985 and 2006 is documented in this section, with thanks to the Kraszna-Krausz Foundation.


The basic and unique photo-booth photographic strip of 4 poses measurement is standard at 20 x 4 cm (8 x 1.5 in). Analogue photographs from the photo-booth used a fixed focus 90mm lens and positive film strip, there is no negative. A sequence of four shots was produced in 20 seconds and developed in the mini darkroom with regular wet chemicals. Images are as durable as c-types if kept out of direct sunlight. Collages of multiple photo-booth originals were mounted onto rigid museum board using Lascaux acrylic adhesive 360 HV which is light fast, elastic and age resistant. Edited photographic enlargements were made by re-photographing the originals onto 10 x 8 in stock using a 350 mm flat plane lens, these c-print enlargements were in editions of 3, measuring, 152.5x102cm (60 x 40in).


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Identity, 1985, photo-booth collage, 200 x 500 cm © Liz Rideal / National Portrait Gallery, London


Detail, Eve, 1995, see: Mosaic work.